Hello Cudas!

It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with you as your CAP/College counselor throughout your 4 years at Coral Reef. Your time in high school is exciting and full of promise as you prepare for life after graduation. Whether you choose a 4-year college/university, a 2-year college, a Vocational Program, or the military – I am here to help!

Count on me to answer your questions, calm your nerves (I’m looking at you, parents), and help you work towards your plans and goals.

Seniors – Even if you are confused and worried about what’s to come, remember – you got this! Right now, you are taking all the right steps to become an independent, young adult. You are juggling extracurriculars, part-time jobs and school – keep it up, don’t lose sight of your goals!

All students (not just seniors) should be accessing their SCOIR accounts – it has amazing resources for college research. Every student already has an account created – it’s just a matter of logging in.

The login for students in 9th – 11th grade is the studentID#@students.dadeschools.net (for example 1234567@students.dadeschools.net).

Students should email me if they have trouble accessing their account. I’m happy to help.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you. Please reach out if you need anything and keep checking your emails for upcoming college information (and follow @cudacap on Instagram).

Dr. Yvette Perez CAP Advisor   Coral Reef High School 10101 SW 152nd St. Room Miami, FL. 33157 305-232-2044 ext. 2151 https://coralreefhighschool.net