Happy Friday Cudas!

Included in this week’s CudaCAP Bulletin is:

·         Scholarship Bulletin Link

·         Reminders for Seniors and Juniors

·         Information on Summer Experiences for 9th – 11th Graders

·         Updated College Acceptance List – We’re so EXCITED with all our new updates!


Click Here for a link to this week’s Scholarship List


·         Coral Reef’s MDC rep and a Financial Aid rep will be on campus next week to assist any student with applying to Miami Dade or completing their FAFSA. Please see the email sent to you on 3/31/22 for information on how to sign up and get a pass to come join us.

·         Please complete the survey sent out earlier today (4/1) with all your current scholarship and/or grant information. This survey will go out every week so you can update it as you receive more $$$ offers from all your schools and scholarship applications.

·         Need help understanding your financial aid award? Please see the information below about Money Matters Webinars (these are hosted by our previous CAP Advisor, Mrs. Gilman!)

Miami Dade County Public School’s CAP office is offering “Money Matters” webinars to helpfamilies navigate the financial aid process. There are webinars on

·         Financial Aid 101

·         To Borrow or Not to Borrow: Understanding Loans

·         Seeking Scholarships

·         Budgeting for College

After each webinar, the recording will be posted to their website: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pTrpXMw6U-MrWNPfp409AWkBILtuvvI3/view


CONGRATULATIONS on an amazing Ring Ceremony last night!

Keep activating and using your SCOIR accounts! There are still 264 Juniors who have not logged in to their accounts. You will receive an email next week with an update.

SCOIR is how you:

1.      Sign up to attend College Visits from Representatives here at Coral Reef

2.      Search for College Information

3.      Send your transcripts and other documents to the colleges you are applying to

Please reach out to me if you are having difficulty logging in or don’t understand how to use SCOIR – I’m here to help!


You may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the college application process already. It might feel like there is so much to know, and so many things to consider. It’s a lot! Here’s a guide with manageable parts so you can take what you need as you research different types of colleges and look for your fit!


Bryan University Global Leadership Summer Academy

DEADLINE: April 22, 2022

The Bryant University Global Leadership Summer Academy provides you with five exciting days on Bryant’s beautiful campus. You will participate in interactive sessions with Bryant International Business faculty, get to know Bryant students and alumni, and interact with business leaders. Bryant faculty, students, and alumni represent many countries. This immersion summer program will provide you with a transformational experience that you will be able to apply to your academic, professional, and personal future.

Applications are due by April 22, 2022. Apply here.

The Collegiate World Series by the National Hispanic Institute and Sewanee

The National Hispanic Institute is a youth organization that seeks to shape future leaders in the Latino community by building experiences that engage high-achieving young minds in roles that advance our quality of life.
As a partner of NHI, Sewanee is bringing 125 rising seniors to campus from June 29-July 3, 2022, as participants in the International Collegiate World Series. This is an opportunity for students to learn how to maximize their chances of admission to top-ranked colleges. 

Here’s what students can expect from the CWS:

·         A gaming component where students participate as teams to fulfill college entrance requirements.

·         An evaluation component to increase students’ awareness about their readiness to apply to college as well as their strengths and areas for improvement.

·         Two networking components, one to meet peers and college student mentors, and one to meet and learn from college admission professionals.

·         A student recognition and acknowledgement ceremony.

·         An inquiry game that simulates some of the significant life decisions students will make in the future.

·         A graduation ceremony that serves as both a reflection and a commencement for the future.

For questions regarding enrollment, program details, costs, and COVID-19 policies, as well as information about how to apply, visit our website. Please contact NHI at 512-357-6137 or Rudy Rodriguez for full details on admission.

The Cooper Union Summer Art Intensive

·         Develop your college application portfolio!

·         Classes in Animation, Digital Photography, Drawing, Graphic Design, & Studio Practice 

·         Special techniques workshops

·         Guest artists, museum, gallery & artists’ studios visits

·         Meet the college admissions representative from Cooper Union and learn about applying to college

·         A celebratory exhibition reception of students’ work at The Cooper Union

·         Instructors are working professional artists & designers 

·         Classes are co-led with super-talented Cooper Union School of Art undergraduates.

·         Scholarships are available for NYC Public School students.

For Application and More Information: https://cooper.edu/academics/outreach-and-pre-college/summer-art-intensive/courses?mc_cid=b517ec2bc6&mc_eid=35feebe1c6

Bucknell Academy Summer Experience

DEADLINE; April 16, 2022

Bucknell Academy Summer Experience (BASE) is a collaborative residential experience where students are invited to explore the value of a liberal arts perspective in making challenging decisions to improve today’s world. At BASE, faculty and students from various academic disciplines will engage in classroom discussions in an effort to come up with creative solutions. BASE participants will have the opportunity to:

·         Learn about exciting current world issues

·         Develop creative problem-solving skills

·         Collaborate with faculty and peers

·         Experience the liberal arts education

·         Explore Bucknell’s campus

Summer program for rising juniors and seniors: Bucknell Academy Summer Experience