Coral Reef’s AMAZING College Fair is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!  We are excited as this is always a great event full of important valuable information attended by wonderful college representatives eager to talk to you and your parents  We are so fortunate to have over 140 institutions (see attached!) coming here to talk to YOU!!

Wednesday, October 11th 2017

6:00pm to 8:00pm 

But please keep in mind two important things:

  1. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CORAL REEF ID WITH YOU TO BE ADMITTED TO THE FAIR.  Of course your family is welcome to join you, but we must be able to identify you as a Coral Reef student.

  2. As these college representatives are indeed coming to talk to YOU…plan on making a good 1st impression on THEM!  Please plan to come dressed appropriately but comfortably.  Our school uniform is great!  A quick change at home into some comfy jeans (with no rips!) and a nice shirt or maybe even one of our spirit shirts is great too.  What’s not? Gym clothes, dance clothes, short shorts, saggy shorts…if you’re questioning it, change it!

[College Fair Photo Gallery]