Maria and Marc Jacquemin faced a big dilemma as they traveled from Miami to Jackson, Miss., to attend Saturday’s SWAC showdown between Jackson State and Mississippi Valley State: Which team should they root for?

Their sons, Christian and Nico, both former kickers at Coral Reef High, will be on opposite sidelines. Christian, a sophomore, is the kicker and punter for Jackson State. Nico, a freshman, is a kicker at Mississippi Valley State. They will be facing each other for the first time ever in any sport.

The Jacquemins were lifelong soccer players, but both switched to football kicker their senior year at Coral Reef, and both wound up with college scholarships. Rick Comegy, the former Jackson State coach, recruited Christian and then picked up little brother Nico after he took the job at Mississippi Valley State in 2014.

Christian, who is 5-of-7 this season, posted on Twitter: “Get to play against my little brother this week. Would never have thought it would be playing football, but what a blessing it is.”

A group of eight family members and friends will be in the stands, and the women in the group will be wearing t-shirts mother Maria had made. On the back, it has the JSU logo with Christian’s jersey number (39) and the MSV logo with Nico’s number (41). On the front it says: “Bomb Squad.”

So, where did they decide to sit?

“We’re going to sit the first half on the Mississippi Valley State side, and the second half on the Jackson State side,” said Maria Jacquemin. “I am out of my skin excited. We have grandma with us, aunts, cousins. We’ve never, ever seen them play against each other, so it’s really special.”