Good Afternoon…this information is really geared towards the parents of SENIORS as this is the year for applying for financial aid.  However – the earlier you are familiar with this information the better.  This exact same email has also been sent to all the seniors on the Class of 2017 Coral Reef gmail distribution list.  Please let your children know they need to be checking their emails regularly and if they are not getting them, they must see either Ms. Phelan or Dr. Silio i the Main Office as they are the ladies charged with the maintenance of the emails distribution lists.  I am simply not able to add anyone to these lists. Thank you all for your continued support and assistance in gettting important information where it needs to be!

As I have been stating in all my senior class presentations, the FAFSA, the federal financial aid application, is opening earlier than ever this year on October 1st.  I am so fortunate that our wonderful PTSA is allowing me to address the FAFSA & financial aid as a whole at their monthly meeting October 24th.  However, there is lots students & parents can do to prepare to file this very important application ahead of time.  I am including a couple of things on this email to help you all do just that.   Below is a link to the Federal Student Aid’s YouTube video for establishing the parent & student’s FSA (Federal Student Aid) ID along with an attached overview of the same.  The student & parent FSA IDs serve as “electronic signatures” for the completion & submission of the FAFSA.
As financial aid can be a bit of an overwhelming process, it is my hope to give you all a little bit at a time about the whole process and then be able to review, address and answer any concerns at the FAFSA/ Financial Aid Info Night on October 24th.  Of course I am more than happy to attempt to answer any questions you might want to email as well as we make our way together through this next part of the COLLEGE APPLICATION & FINANCIAL AID PROCESS.