Access Academy Sensory Room

The sensory room for the students in the Autism Program at Coral Reef High School will be a space designed to help individuals with sensory issues learn to regulate their brain’s negative reactions to external stimuli by developing coping skills for these experiences. The human brain is designed to produce and regulate responses to the body’s sensory experience such as touch, see, smell, taste and hear. For an individual with a developmental disorder, including autism, the way the brain processes these experiences can be a major source of distress and discomfort. With the use of the sensory room the students will learn to rebalance and self-regulate, allowing them to thrive in their environment.


  • Swing/Hanging Chair
  • Bean Bag Chair or Crash Pad
  • Weighted Blanket, Lap Pad or Toys
  • Therapy Ball or Trampoline
  • Wall Mirror
  • Soothing Light
  • Bubble Tube
  • Fidget Toys
  • Body Socks
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chewables
  • Textured Therapy Ball
  • Mats
  • Tactile Manipulatives
  • Tablets


2019-20 Posse nominees

Congratulations to Reef’s Posse nominees for the 2019-2020 school year:
Gabriela Alvarez, Diego Concha-Fernandez, Skyler Estavillo, William Garcia, Angelica Hernandez, Bianca Hong, Angie Ingaroca, Sophia King, Janice Lobo, Joseph Luis, Natalia Madruga, Daysi Manrique, Jose Nogueras, Amy Ochoaleyva, Valeria Paez-Pulido, Nia Paz-Diaz, Matthew Schull, Maia Taveras, Adrian Truscello, Tianxiao Wang